Jeanne Sutton



I’m a freelance writer based in Dublin, Ireland. I’ve held editorial roles at the women’s magazines STELLAR and IMAGE, freelanced for national media and have had personal essays published in other places. Something I wrote for Guts about biting my nails inspired an illustrator, which in turn inspired a woman to get a tattoo of his illustration. I love doing radio and IRL panels and enjoy talking and writing on a variety of topics. I’ve about 6 months left of a part-time MSc in Science Communication in DCU and a law degree from Trinity College Dublin.

I even had a stint in the content design arena, which is my favourite rising scam term. (Remember when people curated events instead of organising them? Speaking of which, I organise panel discussions.)

If you want to read my writing at least once a month, I have an ezine. The Substack platform hosts my regular newsletter ‘by Jeanne Sutton’. This has two access streams. You can sign up for a free newsletter, with at least one free email a month, or you can pay $30 for more frequent exclusive missives. I end up seeing just over €22 of that transaction. €21 if the exchange rate is having cramps. Sign up, and think about paying for my work, here.

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