Sneak peek at my first paid subscriber-only newsletter entry

It’s an interview with Roisin Kiberd! It will be in certain inboxes Friday morning. Here’s the link to sign up. Substack is a newsletter platform where you can sign up for free and get something I wrote emailed to you about every two weeks, or you can pay and get all that and one extra email a month. That extra email will be something decent and meaty. I’m calling this nascent/teething baby exercise ‘by Jeanne Sutton’. You should get on board!

Here is my favourite paragraph from Roisin’s interview:

“There is a certain hypocrisy in that social media companies tried so hard, and they still do, to make everything fuzzy and welcoming and to own our humanity - every minute of the day and every thought. There's a double standard at work. You can watch video ads for Tinder on Youtube and they show these extremely chaste exchanges between these smiley people with perfectly clear skin and big white teeth. And they're having these romantic encounters and it's all very fuzzy and twee. This primary colours, infantile start-up vision of what humanity is. When in reality it's guys sending dick pics and lonely girls.”

Jean Sutton