Discussing interrailing on the Marian Finucane show

I had a rather wonderful and surreal Saturday morning this month when I took part in a segment on Irish broadcasting giant Marian Finucane's iconic RTE radio show

My former editor, and very sound gal, Vicki Notaro suggested me for a slot discussion interrailing. Last summer I wrote about my interrailing experience for STELLAR - support print! buy women's magazines! - under the prompt of 'the summer that changed my life'.

Interrailing didn't have any direct falling dominoes for me, but thinking about how much FUN I had during that sticky August all the way back in 2009 has sort of changed me. I feel a bit of a bore in comparison and am aware I take very few risks. I was chatting this through with the lovely researcher as we clarified the task and she suggested that maybe I fell prey to a theory where in your early to mid-twenties you become less reckless because of your brain. Here's a TIME article on teens' brains and white matter. I am drawn to books where female characters find themselves in scrapes so maybe I need to be a bit bolder. I mean, we're all being so buzzy about resilience of late, what's the harm in testing yourself?

Anyway, I've linked to the segment below. I forgot to mention I met Mickey Rourke in Sarajevo and how I think interrailing is a great way to realise we're European. I had notes about how we need to know more about what's happening on our doorsteps because that man taking poison at an international tribunal court was insane and I feel like we still haven't acknowledged that. I mean, I get that American politics are fascinating but a man took poison in court. That's Agatha Christie stuff right there. Have you read The Man in the Brown Suit or They Came to Baghdad? Totally iffy on geopolitics, mind.

However, when it comes to live radio you can't exactly script everything you want to say and sometimes your teased out observations just don't have the opportunity to land. That's okay!

Interrailing discussion on the Marian Finucane show, 17 February 2018

Jean Sutton