Internet links I read in one go during February

A large part of me actually detests link roundups as they're passé. And they feed into that reader's guilt thing and are insidious time robbers. 'Just close the tabs' is a mantra I need to practice. I can't read everything, nor do I want to! So forgive me for the dump below. I've not had Twitter so can't show off the fact I am an intelligent person who consumes fashionable content.

A lot of this article is rehash for me as I worked adjacent to this space, albeit in Eire, but the last lines paint a CHILLING world. Basically, babies who are hyped in utero ready for flogging before the nurses wash the gunk off them and prick the heel. My spine goes cold:

The behind-the-scenes of the Fifty Shades' soundtracks. I once arrived to book club with the first one blaring out of my tote bag and we all admitted it was a banger:

A thriller:

How depression can creep up on a person:

Your life can fall apart. I appreciate candour around finance:


Jean Sutton