Rosemary Mac Cabe interviewed me about endometriosis a few months ago

My little sister remarked recently that a subheading on an article I wrote about endometriosis, a health condition I was diagnosed with in 2011, noted that I don't let the illness define me. Funny, she said, because it seems to be all you go on about. 

Well, I was very smug when Rosemary Mac Cabe, a person I deeply admire and like, asked me to be a guest on her podcast How To Be Sound. We talked about my endo and career changes, although I'm pretty sure the weeks after we recorded this me and Rosemary changed our careers again, work is a spectrum or whatever. I don't think we discuss being sound at all, but we do talk about vaginas. 

I'm regularly confounded that no radio station in Ireland has approached Rosemary about presenting a talk radio show. She's got brains, is funny and genuinely curious. There are a lot of people operating in media and its offshoots who don't listen. 

If you're not sure what endo is, listen to the podcast! I checked in with the Endometriosis Association of Ireland ( the days before recording to make sure I got the description of the condition right. A lot of people when they write about it get it wrong. All you have to do is research it and copy and paste and then you prevent me from complaining about you to my boyfriend. It's really easy. Respect the sick. 

Here is the itunes link:

Here's a transcript of the interview:

Jean Sutton