Lady west wing book recs

I finally finished watching Mindhunter, which is one of the best put-together television shows of the past two years. (I do a terrible Wendy Carr speaking impression.) Holden Ford getting so professionally bold in the later episodes is such a good character arc. I'm also slow-reading Silence of the Lambs at the moment, so I'm in deep on the Behaviourial Science Unit at the FBI. Definitely binge the show if you're at a loss.

Alongside Clarice Starling, I've got a few other books on the go. I am not a focused reader and see attention spans as an interesting concept I'd like to not-finish-reading a few long reads about. I actually think the last Long Read I completed was about Estonia and digital citizenship. There are no established rules for what keeps my jaw on the floor. I did start and finish a book - the original long read - on Monday though. It was a novel, Switch and Bait by Ricki Schultz (link here: and it was good! Breezy, rom com, some stuff on career indecision - to go corporate or stay comfortable, good wrenching sub-plot on incurable illness, no shaming of casual sex-having.

Heroine is a matchmaker and bookstore manager. Love interest is a conservative politician's advisor. But he's also the love interest of heroine's latest client and isn't aware that the gal he's falling for over a dating app's messaging function is actually the woman with whom he has a semi-complicated - they shagged - past. See, cute. 

It's set in DC, so politics is more than a shadow and it's very much centrists-let's-respect-both-sides-to-an-extent. If that isn't something you tolerate, well then maybe skip, but if you want a beach read for your Kindle, click!

Other popular fiction - I HATE THAT TERMINOLOGY WHY CAN'T WE CALL LITERARY FICTION UNPOPULAR FICTION - with a US politics component includes:

Amanda Wakes Up by Alisyn Camerota (link:
Here the heroine is a news anchor who does a post office shooting report in her swimming bottoms, goes viral, gets recruited to anchor a breakfast show that is all about 'balance', faces some moral battles - including with her woke boyfriend. I really liked this book! I love insights into grooming and the honest truth about getting ahead in a media landscape. Camerota knows what she's talking about. She used to work for Fox and is a familiar face if you watch CNN. I watched her and Anderson Cooper's coverage of the recent Royal Wedding because I actually love American coverage of the Royals. The love interest, our heroine's co-anchor, is background to her career really, but also kind of great, even if he's not on her political page. This novel also tackles the Trump election via a fictional character and does contain some 'getting to know the other side'. Again, if that jam spoils your appetite, best avoid!

Sammy's Hill by Kristin Gore (link:
I'm a bit at a loss that this book was never adapted into a movie! Plotwise, Sammy is a political aide, gets involved in the presidential election for VP side, self-discovery ensues. Not with the VP candidate though! The reason I remember this book is because our heroine undergoes a lot of stress and it was pretty cool to see IBS in a novel. The right hand side of my jaw is probably going to fall off in the coming years due to internalising stress. When can we celebrate Girl Slacker?

American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld (link:
This book is a masterpiece and I'm pretty sure I mentioned it in an older post. Buy it, read it. Based on the life of Laura Bush, I read it over two long haul flights in 2011 and to this day passages surface in my brain. It's great. One of the most satisfying books I've ever finished.

P.S. All those links are affiliates, I think. I don't know how to do the links tbh.

Jean Sutton