Screen therapy

I find watching movies and tv shows really calming. The former is especially great for ignoring the drama a phone brings.

(If I could I would buy a phone where the only apps available to me are Wikipedia, Maps, WhatsApp and Pinterest. Yes, I love the P. Instagram is giving me too much grief these days. I think I've alluded to this before but I got some messages via it a while ago which unsettled me. I'm also fed up with the practice in general. I am still on the app way too much and run a corporate account so it's difficult bring up divorce chats.)

Here's a list of what I've seen in the past few days and some extra lines:

Skyscraper: movie of the year, stars The Rock as a man who loves his family and must rescue them from a burning building, the billionaire owner of the Skyscraper is a finer as is the police chief, great to see Neve Campbell on screen.

Whitney: very good documentary, hi def which is something I noticed as Amy was pixelated due to the nature of the footage and made me dizzy on the big screen, one of many morals in this film is the perennial dads in the music industry are trash, Bobby Brown while still a terrible person isn't the person who should shoulder all the blame for Whitney's tragic life, I enjoyed this interview with the director:

Dublin Oldschool: I don't do drugs so didn't understand any of the slang in this Irish movie, thought Ian Lloyd Anderson and Sarah Greene did great acting work, laughed a good bit throughout especially the parts with the London DJs, can't get a remark made by a friend I met at cinema out of my head - that it's a bit 3 mobile ad in parts, there's a bit with dancing in the woods that has a bang of 'look at how we sponsored an Electric Picnic stage'. 

Pose: tv series, fabulous melodrama about the ball scene in 1980s NYC, my heart is loving it.

The Handmaid's Tale: I really struggled with season 1 as I'm a book purist and the way I perceived certain characters wasn't how the televison lense portrayed them. I'm also not enamoured of the soundtrack - would have loved to have seen a great score composed. Have you listened to The Leftovers OST? Chills. I went back to The Handmaid's Tale though and now I'm in love with Elizabeth Moss' pure stone cold talent. This week I'll catch up on season 2, starting last night, and I'm very excited about Bradley Whitford's upcoming appearance towards the end of the season. 

Jean Sutton