The femininity olympics

Observations I only make in Dan's company:

  • Irish weddings are the femininity olympics. Irish hipster weddings are the 'I love sea water' femininity olympics. 
  • I don't think dying in a plane crash would be the worst way to go. 
  • The book everyone liked last year was boring and it took me 9 months to read. 
  • I think yer man is cheating on his partner with the one I hate (she said it was funny that fat girls thought they could pull off Cos so I think I'm v justified) and I sent a voice note to a few gals outlining the evidence and all agreed with my theory. In fact, one replied 'he's shtupping her', which is a yiddish verb for what you think it is.

General observation: That movie Adrift didn't teach me enough about surviving at sea. Meanwhile the 2017 French movie Revenge, about a gal killing her rapist and his accomplices in the desert, taught me all about using recreational drugs when operating on myself and using an everyday item to self-cauterize.

Jean Sutton