I'm putting together a panel on feminism for Banter at Beatyard!

I emailed the organisers and they said go ahead. The plan is for the panel to talk about the post-Repeal feminist agenda for the island of Ireland.

Going to cover a bit of the dying earth, bit of the north, bit of whatever the gals I email about this who say yes to showing up want to talk about. Done is better than perfect as a manager I once had used to say. More managers should embrace mediocrity. 

But in all seriousness, I think this will be a good panel because I pride myself on finding interesting voices when I put together a feature so the women I speak to will be cool and not the usual suspects. Am, of course, dreading the audience questions like anyone with a brain would be. 

More information as it comes in via http://www.the-beatyard.com/acts/banter/

Jean Sutton