People being sly

I clench my teeth due to stress so I really should not be on the internet in general, but I want to take this opportunity to let it being known I hate people 'teasing' on their social media.

All will be revealed soon.


New notebook, new project. 

Can't wait to share some good news with you all. 

Out of a pretty incredible meeting. Will share news when I can.

Just tell me. I have SEO brain. I can't be dealing with subtlety. Just tell me what you are doing. By keeping all cards close to your chest and wringing out what you can for attention has my good will boiling. When you share your actual news I'll hold back the like. I will. Unless I want people to see that I'm all Shine Theory for you. Just tell me. I probably don't actually care but this is a matter of principle. Tell me.

Jean Sutton