August notes

  • The Beatyard talk went well! Think a recording will be uploaded at some stage. One remark from the audience on the lack of choice when it comes to childbirth. (A medical type will now get onto me about BEING WRONG.)
  • I read a lot about contraception last weekend, esp IUDs in Marie Claire US Amy Adams cover. You say Dalkon Shield, my thighs say 'we're now glued together!'. Link here
  • Joanna Coles left Hearst. I interviewed her a few years ago for STELLAR and she was so amazing. It was over the phone and I was like a lamb in the headlights at the other end. Way more exciting that any actress or singer. Singers are difficult interview IMO, you either get someone who is all 'ummmmm' or someone who thinks they are fascinating. Wikipedia articles on cults and failed colonies are fascinating. Writers are some of the most boring people I've ever had to ask questions. Here's an article about Coles' departure. What she does next will be fascinating
  • Am half thinking of starting a paid newsletter in the late Autumn. It will be 600 to 800 word articles ranging from health to culture to history - leave an expression of interest at this google form link.
  • I did 2 music festivals in 1 weekend and am still a broken creature. Have a few days of annual leave ahead of me after today. Can't wait to google 'am i getting bed sores' at some stage.
Jean Sutton