3 September links

This Medium article from Jessica Valenti drags the opposite sex. I’m at that age where one is mired in and feels dependent on the cogs of capitalism and also it’s all babies, babies, babies. Struggles ahead, blunted ambition, be a role model. I watch a social media photo catwalk of the perfect baking loaf, the cosiest living room, the lo-fi wedding. Most of these accounts, I follow out of politeness. I really should mute them. I do mute a lot of people. I’m very self-involved and recommend it as a daily practice.

Lily Allen has a new memoir out which I’ve requested from the library. This interview in The Guardian makes for upsetting reading. Fame seems like a hellscape. I don’t understand the chase. Or rather, I do, and that baffles me even more.

The Spy Who Dumped Me has been unfairly ignored. It was funnier than Crazy Rich Asians, a rom com that had no rom. Make me care about the couple on the poster.

Jean Sutton