Big believer in September being a way better time of year to commit to newness and 'goals' than January. January is bloating and hard of cash month. Asking your body and brain to rush into a revolution of the self is just too much. 

I'm back to college in a few weeks for the final year in my part-time masters. The masters itself isn't stressful, but all the public transport at the height of rush hour and personal energy depletion is tough. Please don't tell me to get a bike. 

This autumn I've decided to do less freelance writing bits as it's actually a load of hassle with a crowded plate. I am doing another season of the Christmas podcast Roast Chestnuts with Alan Maguire. That endeavour is an exercise in JOY.   

So, in terms of 'goals' I'm going to try and watch and read more stuff I enjoy. Star Trek: Discovery is good! And I have so many books from my time in women's magazines that I have yet to read. It's a tumbling tower of memoirs and semi-autobiographical fiction. Is that what they call auto-fiction now? I dunno. I'm also slowly shaving my wardrobe. I live near Phibsborough so charity shops are only a few minutes walk away. I don't know if having less clothes has any effect on my mental health but I suppose it's the thing to do these days. Also, I look terrible in 70% of them. That is a kind statistic. 

Jean Sutton