What I actually regularly read

Last week I read an article from 2015 on email inboxes and storage space being not good for the earth and it spurred me to unsubscribe from more and more missives. When I worked in IMAGE it felt like I was subscribed to every media project related to the female experience. An exhausting onslaught where every topic felt like an emergency exam topic. Tbf I do know a lot about Lyme Disease.

When I left that role, I used use unroll.me but afaik it’s got some GDPR ice on it so now all my relationships are ended with manual clicks and more tabs. I saw that gmail had some unsubscribe buttons in recent weeks but I kept getting return hauntings. Maybe it works for you.

If you aren’t actually reading a newsletter that often, unsubscribe. You will hurt no feelings. Well, no normal feelings. A few weeks ago I did write something for my newsletter on inbox zero and mess being a reminder of who you wanted to be, but I’m a member of many churches. This morning I woke up confused as to why I was still subscribed to some Londoner’s letters who had been creeping in the junk folder for what feels like years. Made the cut and closed the chute. It was great.

Here are some of the newsletters that aren’t for the bin, the ones I am grateful to receive:

http://theworkedit.com/ - career focused, author seems like someone who would be a nice co-worker

https://annehelen.substack.com/ - if you don’t follow AHP are you even on the internet?

https://www.annfriedman.com/weekly/ AF co-presents my favourite podcast CYG, if you pay for her newsletter you get pie charts, you are investing in art, if you don’t pay you still get great content

(Also, I’m aware that list is a rundown in the opposite of diverse. If you have my email feel free to send me recs.)

Jean Sutton