A cool project

I’m Marie Kondo-ing very slowly and came across a leaflet in my office for The Athena Film Festival, “a weekend of inspiring films that tell the extraordinary stories of fierce and fearless women leaders.” It’s been happening a few years and the next one is the end of February in Barnard College in New York City. Maybe you live near there and want to go? I do not live near NYC.

This week allegations about the musician Ryan Adams’ treatment of certain women was published in the New York Times (worth the subscription if you can afford) and due to the fact I was a teenager when Mandy Moore was a pop culture queen (she has arguably reclaimed this throne with This Is Us) a few women and I have been trading OFC messages about her singing career lull. OFC there was a reason her music releases stopped. She is a talented woman! She has buckets of charisma! Her voice is amazing!

When #MeToo first hit our awareness I remember seeing tweets mourning the art we didn’t see due to men ruining women’s lives and thwarting their ambitions. The above-mentioned NYT mentions how some of the women it interviewed gave up making music. It’s a sad, anger-inducing mess.

The Athena Film Festival has this pretty cool initiative: The Athena List.

“A signature program of the Athena Film Festival is the Athena List. An annual slate of between 3-5 screenplays with female leaders that have yet to be made into films. Now in its 6th year, several Athena List scripts have been or are in production.” (Some of the scripts are written by men.)

Read about the projects that are actually happening, mark them on your IMDB watchlist. Read the synopsis of the other scripts waiting in the wings and wish for their fruition.

Personally, I can’t wait for all the wronged women to release the art that will define this era.

P.S. This Meg Ryan interview from the early aughts will turn you off food for an hour. You think it can’t get worse after that opening paragraph, but never underestimate the male pen.

Jean Sutton