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October: My debut short story, Functioning, will be be published in an upcoming issue of Banshee.

March: Sentimental Garbage podcast: Unsticky with Irish London-based novelist Caroline O’Donoghue iTunes (Buy Caroline’s book Promising Young Women here! If you ever wondered what a female-focused millennial-era early seasons Mad Men vibe meets noughties confessional essay of personal loathing would be like, you might enjoy this book.)

March: Tesco x Women’s Museum of Ireland International Women’s Day project. I was POC for organisation as we worked with ad agency Rothco to activate a pop up museum in stores and online.

February: Grief Encounters podcast: Death in a Digital Age with Kiran Sidhu & Jeanne Sutton iTunes (Contributor)


Wellmania? Gwyneth Paltrow and Goop Culture The Gloss (Print and online)

One Irish Woman’s Story of Living with Endometriosis The Gloss (Print and online)

Comment: “There is something happening to women in Ireland right now. We're at breaking point” (Online)

Keira Knightley's decision not to freeze her forehead shouldn't be such a shock - so why is it? (Online)

Roast Chestnuts podcast, season 2. iTunes (Co-presenter with Alan Maguire)

2016 - 2017

Select work from STELLAR where I acted as Deputy Editor.