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A work-in-progress page which will eventually become a vibrant, well-rounded person. I mean portfolio.

The Bitter end

One Irish Woman’s Story Of Living With Endometriosis. Like Lena Dunham and Northern Irish politician Naomi Long, JEANNE SUTTON suffers from ENDOMETRIOSIS. Although it has NO KNOWN CURE, she hasn’t let its diagnosis define her.

Famous women and botox

Keira Knightley's decision not to freeze her forehead shouldn't be such a shock - so why is it?

Cervical check scandal op-ed

There is something happening to women in Ireland right now. We’re at breaking point. Last week Vicky Phelan from Annacotty in county Limerick settled a High Court action for €2.5 million against a US laboratory. Vicky Phelan may have more money than you or I, but I doubt she and her lawyers toasted the victory with prosecco. In 2011, Vicky Phelan had a smear test and was told she was fine. Vicky Phelan is now dying.